7 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs That Work

Learn how it plays, learn how it pays

Time management is a skill that every needs to master, but managing one’s time is often considered to be one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. Entrepreneurs who fully dedicate themselves to their ventures work tirelessly: waking up early and staying up late, wearing all the hats of a business person.

For most, spending an insane amount of time running your business is absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, after so much time investment, many entrepreneurs find themselves filling breaks in their schedules with busy work. Without a proper time management strategy, entrepreneurs run a great risk of burning out.

  1. Learn the art of triage. Think of a recent time when your inbox exceeded 100 emails, and your phone wouldn’t stop ringing, and your biggest client was on the verge of leaving, and your kid needed to be picked up from practice. To most people, this seems paralyzingly overwhelming. But events like these are part of the daily routine of entrepreneurs, and while all seem important, the effective entrepreneur looks at each of the tasks and is able to prioritize. Task triage and prioritization is not procrastination, but instead an effective way to deal with the many hurdles we encounter on a daily basis.

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