Advanced Link Building: 13 Advanced Tactics

Learn how it plays, learn how it pays

If you’ve not been introduced to the deep-knowledge minds of ViperChill, then allow me the introduction. For anybody who’s looking to grow site traffic, engagement, and most importantly, revenue from your online business, ViperChill puts out about an article each month that is totally worth the wait.

Admittedly, I’ve not allowed myself nearly as much time as I need to grow this very site. There’s no denial from me about it; right now, the site just isn’t the revenue-generating tool of this business (but we plan for it to be in the near future, details to come soon!). Meanwhile, I keep my mind sharp with the ViperChill folks and put some of those strategies to use in other businesses.

Anyhow, enough about that stuff.

This thing is chock-full of goodness. Seriously, it’s advanced. So if you’re just starting your site, this isn’t going to be your thing. Read time is estimated at 24 minutes, so make sure you have mental space to pay attention.

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