Entrepreneurship Games for Your Children: Know Opportunity Vs. Entrepreneur Game by Speaks

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Entrepreneurship is a practical skill that any capable human being can learn from an early stage. With the growing uncertainty in the job industry, it is imperative to teach your child to be an entrepreneur. Studies have shown that early exposure to entrepreneurial concepts like financial security, branding, networking, and global commerce can positively transform the lives of young people. There has been an innovation of fun ways kids can learn it, and below is a comparison between the two games.

Age Targeted

Know Opportunity games were initially developed for high school students, but this has changed over time. It has been sent to not just high school students worldwide but also to board games shops worldwide over the years since its invention. However, it has proven more beneficial for high school students due to its elements in tandem with the academic setting. On the other hand Entrepreneur game by Speaks was created for children ages 12 years old and above to learn, understand and excel in entrepreneurship. Interestingly, this game is not restricted to this particular age as adults and teens who have a passion for entrepreneurship can use this game to develop their passion into a career opportunity.

The Concept of the Game

These two games were created based on the same concept of entrepreneurial development among the children. Most of the elements in these two games were created against this backdrop; hence they aim to advance the entrepreneurial culture in the society. While they might be different in some elements and the lessons they offer the player, the end goal is similar, creating future entrepreneurs. These games, however, do not guarantee players a job opportunity but rather open their eyes to opportunities they wouldn’t have previously considered. Therefore, they help tap into your child’s entrepreneurial passion and vision.

The Design of the Game

As mentioned, the two games were created with the development of entrepreneurial culture among the children as the end goal, but the designs are slightly different in terms of the curriculum offered. In Know opportunity, the children are taught about Financial security, expository writing, global commerce, Financial mathematics, and extemporaneous speaking, while under the Entrepreneur game, the players are taught branding, networking, communication, budgeting, and investing. You can see from the curriculum used in designing the game that the end game is the same. However, Know Opportunity’s curriculum seems to have edged out the Entrepreneur game in relevance to the current economic dispensation that needs high levels of adaptability.

Complexity of Play

These two entrepreneur games are not complex and complicated as they might sound since the creators factored in the age issue. The games used real-life entrepreneur scenarios that are easily relatable by the player or the teacher in a case used in school. From the scenarios presented, the student cum player can learn and truly feel like an entrepreneur. To remain easily used by children, these games also teach problem-solving skills and other soft skills using real-life scenarios that are easily relatable. Thus, if you are interested in developing your kid’s entrepreneurial culture and passion today, you can visit their sites for further instructions.

Use Cases

These two games have been sold to various players worldwide for testing and playing. In the case of Know Opportunity, the game has been sent to high schools, board games shops, and home school parents in the United States (Mid-West, East and West Coast), the Netherlands, Trinidad, Morocco, and South Africa among other cases. The review has been awesome for the players who have gotten its experience, prompting them to add more modifications to the play.

Turn your Child’s Hobby into Career Opportunity today.

Like STEM Courses, entrepreneurship is a hands-on skill that can be easily learned early. Exposure to entrepreneurial concepts of Financial security, problem-solving, negotiation skills, and networking is crucial for the positive transformation of young people’s lives. Know Opportunity games can transform your home or school into an entrepreneurial development hub. Contact us today and allow us to turn your child’s passion into a career possibility.

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