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It’s become the norm to hear people talk about entrepreneurship. However, as we now know, most of this talk is not grounded in actual businesses knowledge. This has brought about a new generation of entrepreneurs who are obsessed with the sensational idea of overnight success and overvalued unicorns.

With few people actually teaching and practicing real business skills, we had to develop a fresh approach. Know Opportunity was developed by entrepreneurs for business people to explore the virtual world and learn practical lessons that they can use in the real world.

Know Opportunity was developed by entrepreneurs for young entrepreneurs. On it, young entrepreneurs can explore real business concepts in a virtual setup and learn practical lessons that they can apply in the real world.

Experience is the best teacher, yet gaining experience also requires learning from mistakes and a bit of trial and error. In entrepreneurship, this can be costly and demoralizing. 

Know Opportunity allows you to dry run your ideas in a simulated world without the consequences of the real thing. This is a fantastic tool if your goal is to understand the business while having fun. Students, families, and teams get the chance to have fun while learning business concepts and strategies while taking part in friendly competition and fellowship.

Improve extemporaneous speaking

The common conventions of extemporaneous speaking entail mastering body language, and diction, engaging the audience and maintaining eye contact. This is besides having a thorough subject matter understanding. These are crucial things to have, yet knowing what you need to do is just a fraction of the challenge.

The second half involves actually using each ability; therefore, you must come up with creative ways to develop them. Know Opportunity helps the players think quickly on their feet as they compete with others. 

Given this environment has less stress than a real-world setting, performance anxiety is massively decreased.

These boost one’s confidence when producing, acquiring, and processing information when around other individuals. This not only improves speaking competence but also improves enhances social skills and communication. Over time, this massively boosts a player’s confidence in public speaking.

Hits the 4 areas of deep learning – visual, audio, kinesthetic, reading/writing

Opportunity is a mental exercise that appears to be enjoyable. Because of the immersion and depth of detail, it requires strategy and problem-solving abilities. This means that players who can engage in the four essential deep learning areas of visual, aural, kinesthetic, and reading or writing will succeed. 

Playing Know Opportunity activates the parts of the brain associated with sophisticated mental processes and memory creation for people of all ages. This way, it helps develop critical cognitive abilities like problem-solving, higher-order strategic thinking, and decision making.

For use at home or in the classroom

Know Opportunity offers an interactive learning environment for high school classrooms but can still be played by people of any age who want to improve their situational and strategic awareness.

Anyone with business knowledge can try it out in the risk-free environment Know Opportunity offers. This makes it perfect for use in both academic and practical settings. Like any other game, it is a great approach to developing business skills at home or in the workplace while also staying entertained.

Learn how to build a business even in an economic slump

The immersive business simulation provided by Know Opportunity acts as a link between classroom instruction and practical application. Anyone who enjoys a challenge can carry out activities associated with any role within the organization and make pertinent decisions in both competitive and imperfect marketplaces. 

Players can modify the scenarios to replicate any condition, including hostile corporate settings. With the different levels of abstraction of reality, they will acquire the abilities or strategies to deal with any issue. 

The purpose of Know Opportunity cards is to remind students that carefully pursuing an idea after they have developed it will pay off in the long term. This gives players the ability to take charge of a firm, comprehend how it functions, and decide on the day-to-day operations. 

One of the best things about board games is that we can play them at any time and anywhere. Contact us to reserve your Know Opportunity game while stocks last.

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