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After write-ups in Forbes and Inc, demand for Know Opportunity has shot through the roof! New order run set to arrive in June, so reserve yours before the’re gone!

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  1. Size. The newly designed version is a more standard 20″ x 30″ format, allowing you to easily play at home, in school, or with friends.
  2. Innovation Cards. By capturing all three, you receive a large Innovation Bonus! Plus, you’ll hone your negotiation skills with the ability to partner with other Innovation Card holders.
  3. Smart Business Owner. Entrepreneurs need to have a network of accounting, legal, and other expertise. Get these cards to beat expenses and earn more money!
  4. Partner Up. Gamers asked for more competitive opportunities, and we listened. By partnering on large deals, you learn how to mitigate your losses and grow your cash flow.
  5. Price. The previous version of the game was expensive, because of the materials used for a physically large game. Now, anybody can afford to grow their business acumen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Know Opportunity Meant For?

Short answer: Everybody. Well, most people. Originally, Know Opportunity was designed for the high school classroom. There are a lot of elements that have proven valuable to an academic setting. But over the past few years, we’ve sent the game out to hundreds of players, high schools, board game shops and more to test and receive feedback. The verdict? For those looking for fun, this is a fun board game. And educators find that the design keeps students engaged, while the curriculum helps build crucial business skills. Because its been used by so many sources, we put together a page to help you see how Know Opportunity might be right for you.

How Many People Can Play?

The game comfortable plays up to six people. With a full table, you will see much more engagement and competitiveness! However, if you’d like to have a shorter play time, we recommend four people to a game.

What’s Included in Each Game?

Each game comes with:

  • 27 profile cards
  • 20 each of
    • Know Opportunity cards
    • Let’s Make A Deal cards
    • Too Cool to Pass Up cards
    • Foreign Investment cards
    • What Could Go Wrong cards
    • Growing Pains cards
  • 2 dice
  • 1 15-second timer
  • 1 pad of Income Statement sheets
  • 5 Partner Up tokens
  • 6 Innovation cards
  • 8 Smart Business Owner cards.