As always, but especially in the post-pandemic world, adaptability is key to a successful lifestyle, and entrepreneurs tend to exhibit such traits. The Know Opportunity program works to teach students the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in an applicable, real-world way through contextualized learning.

GLOBAL COMMERCE Part of the challenge facing entrepreneurship today (at least in how it’s commonly taught) is the lack of understanding how to enter the global market. Know Opportunity works to integrate the idea of global commerce into the game, to give players a foundation for exploring opportunities for success that don’t rely on local geography.

EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING Throughout the course (as well as being part of the game play), students are asked to give “pitch sessions” to fellow players. Sometimes, these are rehearsed and planned in advance, but often they are extemporaneous and done on the spot. This helps students develop critical interpersonal communication skills through being able to clearly and articulately deliver a message to a specific audience.

BUSINESS / FINANCE MATHEMATICS In the board game, players keep track of their incomes and expenses on the included income statements, teaching valuable lessons about cash flow, balances and investments.

EXPOSITORY WRITING Know Opportunity was designed to be integrated with Youth Entrepreneurship Programs across the country, or other applicable courses. Students learn throughout the course how to identify target markets and potential business opportunities, which helps build the foundation of a business plan. Again, this reinforces the demanding critical, real-world skill of strong writing and articulation.

TRUE ENTREPRENEURSHIP There’s a better way to get kids to think big. 90% of the buying power exists outside the U.S. If we’re going to teach entrepreneurship, shouldn’t we consider the global possibilities.

FINANCIAL SECURITY Have you thought about starting a side business to get you out of the paycheck-to-paycheck mentality? Does working for yourself seem more enjoyable than working for somebody else?

GLOBAL NETWORK Be you an extrovert or introvert, you’ve already made enough connections to tap into a profitable network. Don’t undermine what you’ve accomplished. We’ll show you how.



The core idea of Know Opportunity is centered on the idea of thinking about business with a global mindset by teaching students how to live locally and work globally.


Educators find the 36-week global entrepreneur curriculum easy to follow and adaptable to fit in with existing courses and lesson plans.


The four key areas of Deep Learning are: Visual, Auditory, Kinetic, and Reading & Writing – Know Opportunity engages students on each of these levels.